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Our school produces a fortnightly eNewsletter which includes events and activities that occur at our school and community.

Classroom Newsletter December 2019.aspxClassroom Newsletter December 2019Classroom Newsletter December 20196/12/20192 KB
Classroom Newsletter September 2019.aspxClassroom Newsletter September 2019Classroom Newsletter September 201919/09/20192 KB
Admin Newsletter August 2019.aspxAdmin Newsletter August 2019Admin Newsletter August 201916/08/20192 KB
Admin Newsletter June 2019.aspxAdmin Newsletter June 2019Admin Newsletter June 201928/06/20192 KB
Classroom Newsletter May 2019.aspxClassroom Newsletter May 2019Classroom Newsletter May 20194/06/20192 KB
Admin Newsletter May 2019.aspxAdmin Newsletter May 2019Admin Newsletter May 20197/05/20192 KB
Classroom Newsletter March 2019.aspxClassroom Newsletter March 2019Classroom Newsletter March 201913/03/20192 KB
Admin Newsletter March 2019.aspxAdmin Newsletter March 2019Admin Newsletter March 20191/03/20192 KB
Classroom Nesletter December 2018.aspxClassroom Newsletter December 2018Classroom Nesletter December 20186/12/20182 KB
Admin Newsletter November 2018.aspxAdmin Newsletter November 2018Admin Newsletter November 20187/11/20182 KB
Classroom Newsletter August 2018.aspxClassroom Newsletter August 2018Classroom Newsletter August 201831/08/20182 KB
Admin Newsletter August 2018.aspxAdmin Newsletter August 2018Admin Newsletter August 201821/08/20182 KB
Admin Newsletter June 2018.aspxAdmin Newsletter June 2018Admin Newsletter June 201814/06/20182 KB
Classroom Newsletter May.aspxClassroom Newsletter MayClassroom Newsletter May18/05/20182 KB
Admin Newsletter April 2018.aspxAdmin Newsletter April 2018Admin Newsletter April 20181/05/20182 KB
March Classroom Newsletter 2018.aspxMarch Classroom Newsletter 2018March Classroom Newsletter 201827/03/20182 KB
Admin Newsletter February 2018.aspxAdmin Newsletter February 2018Admin Newsletter February 201814/02/20182 KB
Classroom Newsletter November 2017.aspxClassroom Newsletter Nov 2017Classroom Newsletter November 201723/11/20172 KB
Admin Newsletter September 2017.aspxAdmin Newsletter September 2017Admin Newsletter September 201715/09/20172 KB
Classroom Newsletter August 2017.aspxClassroom Newsletter August 2017Classroom Newsletter August 201722/08/20172 KB
Admin Newsletter July 2017.aspxAdmin Newsletter July 2017Admin Newsletter July 201731/07/20172 KB
Admin Newsletter June 2017.aspxAdmin Newsletter June 2017Admin Newsletter June 201722/06/20172 KB
Classroom Newsletter May 2017.aspxClassroom Newsletter May 2017Classroom Newsletter May 201729/05/20172 KB
Admin Newsletter May 2017.aspxAdmin Newsletter May 2017Admin Newsletter May 20179/05/20172 KB
Admiin Newsletter February 2017.aspxAdmin Newsletter February 2017Admiin Newsletter February 201710/02/20172 KB
Admin Newsletter December 2016.aspxAdmin Newsletter December 20169/12/20162 KB
Classroom Newsletter September 2016.aspxClassroom Newsletter September 2016Classroom Newsletter September 201616/09/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter19th August 2016.aspxAdmin Newsletter August 19th 2016Admin Newsletter19th August 201619/08/20162 KB
Classroom Newsletter 5th August 2016.aspx5th August 2016 Classroom NewsletterClassroom Newsletter 5th August 20165/08/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter 19th July.aspxAdmin Newsletter I9th July 2016Admin Newsletter 19th July20/07/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter 24th June 2016.aspxAdministration Newsletter June 24th 2016Admin Newsletter 24th June 201624/06/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter 27.05.16.aspxAdmin Newsletter 27.05.16Admin Newsletter 27.05.1630/05/20162 KB
Classroom Newsletter 12.05.16.aspxClassroom Newsletter 12th May 2016Classroom Newsletter 12.05.1612/05/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter-2016-04-21.aspxAdmin NewsletterAdmin Newsletter-2016-04-2126/04/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter 11-3-2016.aspxAdmin Newsletter 11-3-2016Admin Newsletter 11-3-201611/03/20162 KB
Classroom Newsletter Term.aspxClassroom Newsletter March 2016Classroom Newsletter Term7/03/20162 KB
Admin Newsletter February 2016.aspxAdmin Newsletter February 2016Admin Newsletter February 20167/03/20162 KB